We love cows

      Mostly, people love cows & bulls here around – In a temples we’ve met the statues of giant golden bull, someone told me its Nandi – divine bull of Shiva, however other time I heard that its bull of great Indra.


Bulls and cows were the sacred animal of all the ancient world – from Egypt ("book of Celestial Cow") to Vedic India – where the people still treat them as before. Cretan bulls are beautiful, and those cool cave Paleolithic-time bulls, and many many others...

 For thousands of years cows were inviolable on all the land of ancient Bharata, while cows products commonly used in food, medicine, rites, and the murder of cow concidered as a great sin. 

     Nowadays, due to the globalization most of people are not following the traditions and also don't informed about the latest science topics, so more steak-houses and burgers opening in places, where its not exists before.  

        Among them South of Thailand, where beef is a new plat de jour (Muslim burger-houses has "Halal" sign).  Many of that places serving beef were built and presented with latest design and marketing tricks, so eat the steaks & beef burgers look like a new trend. 

    What's against?!  With big loud of old familiar ECO- vegan-affairs, becoming accustomed and invisible (what's an amazing mind's feature!) and new juicy pieces of meet on a posters its hard, oh so hard - to notice something else. 

Absolute contraindications

The science view which I recently discovered - most of people has a strong genetic  contraindications against beef, due to the thouthands years of rejection of their ancestors. Everybody know about alco-mebabolism features among Eastern people, but never thought that its can be applied to forbidden meat. And only now some of the smartest professors, suffering again from indigestion decided to find a reason of it....

Tobe Continue WhenRo Ny Will Be In a MoOood

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