"Days & Nights under the Trees"

 - sunrise, sunset and daytime photos, night light-art pictures and two slide-show music  clips.

-  soulfully created to support the concept of Tree Owners Club, highlighted on Kalos Fund. Colors of South Thailand, including the divine island there.

      Here are the trees! They are well-known from early times - described in ancient manuscripts as Sacred, related to various forms of Living God those trees live longer than any of us, in peace and harmony, sharing it with Universe.

Few places were involved as a color-donors, here main of them:

First piece of Heavens - located right between 2 worlds, a secret dating spot for local lovers of all the ages: humans, birds, monitor lizards, fishes and mermaids... They coming here for intimate-whisper, enjoy sea breeze and awesome sunsets. When their feelings pure & strong- tree on a beach valley sending me a sign - a heart-formed red leaf...

Second - away from central spot, in "media" known as "Luxury Royale" -  the Power flowing here from the Earth, Her rocks, and sea, and air.

The Third - the island, charming & magic maybe most among I've ever been*...

in my +10000 lives. 

Tree Owners Clubs supported not just with spirit, inspiration and the spended Time - the very First among them opened - the real HolyOne  - Theobroma cacao, which possible to buy, and get the fruits from it for all your tree's lifetime! With just a few of choco-trees in whole the country of Thailand*

(more exclusive than most of those who loves this "exclusivity" imagine and expect:).


     Aha, smooth switching done - pink dolphin wearing the shark toothy-smile and hunting the fake salmon, yelling "I now U-pink" -wvighh - we are out of the ocean - we are business sharks.

So all agree - "you doing right, and follow good intentions", but how you gonna get the money, what is only goal we see?!" To make at least attempt in that direction, let's try to choose the proper way fro that!

To get something hidden (if any) please choose your option, guiding by initial self-agreement:

72 $ - download all you want  via secret password i'll send you - this will be good ECO-act, in addition to all the other benefits. "72 USD - sum I paid for all the pictures in a gallery!" - and you even don't know how many of them here.

144 HKD - For that amount of never-used by me money I'll find the way to share with you 17 recent mixed Tree photo-scenes from unpublished latest live stock.

144 Hong Kong dollars - to be closer to the New Green World, supporting its ambassador (proof wasn't added?). You can use any of 17 new pictures.

18 EURO - double Day'n Night same day Tree pictures - "Amore lettera ad Albero".

Contact me if anything by e-mail which i checking sometimes - Ronny.gonzoATgmail.com 

Dedicated to Tree Owners Club - visible fruit of our ECO-affairs to make the World Green.

Nights under the trees

Day under the trees

We use here music of band ZMEIRADUGA Illustrations of Kalos Art: more than 70 pictures of the trees.

Video participators: Moon, Sirius, Jupiter, fisherman and various sources of light.

Water presented by: sea, river, waterfall, lake & rain.

Let's spend more time with a trees - the oldest among life creations.

Let's know them deeper. Let's learn from the tree the Way of Life - trees gives to the world so much, and takes all they need from the Sun & Earth.

Trees gives a home for birds, insects and animals, and gives so much to the people. ‚ÄčIf you have a sense of appreciation - test its strength on a trees!

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