Dozen of photos - choosen by MeThe_mr. Riu

- as  one of the team of the workers on decorations - while looking among the others's stuff,  keeped here - fire n' lightlife scenes, plus 3 video pieces. Winter Solstice time with some add-ons, exchanges and departured-somewhere color-items.Read our news - even its only few - we're trying best to make it useful.

Its a 3-d day of Tea Travel -more than many people already visited it. I tasted - first time in my life - tea from 1000 years old tea tree leaves.

* Its also 3-d day of PropertyArt Club(nobody  worked on it yet).

P.S. Oh yeppiu! 

"Free for download, adviced highly to watch in dark after sunset, with candle-at-least."

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