Hero of the Block has a passion to photograph his Object of Adoration, especially when she holds a weapon. The roots are hidden, but we enjoying view above - the very top of tree - the place Tree touch the Heavens - and there's She is Eight - Four-or less or more-handed'n-armed-Almighty Goddess.

More information - fragments of photographer's Bio mixed with random feelings, fresh sprouts and even rare seeds of !!!? - i just can't write it here now, hhey - let's say i'll write it here later. Let's wish  in genre of essay.

The male-creator of the photos has more than one extreme-rare skill - using hands and maybe holding something by he make the shining chained armor for the Beauties, which "heavy less than totally amazing" - what I can translate from last review.

The author of the shown below works in physics - just as title said, where more details couldn't be provided - due to the lack of Author's interest to subject (from z-school).

Then it was known about extensive hos collection of old, antique-times pre-pro-, or pra- as more correct for masses - photo equipment - what as a master with creation he do far better than it was intended in the "Yearly Times".

Let's wish to replenish the resources with unreduced creativity, and get the chance to taste the prize from choco- partners

IMPORTANT NOTE: Viewing of this page fully prohibited to those under 18, or 21, or forbidden at all - according to your local laws and personal emotional situation.

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