Dancing in a light of Venus its like swimming in a source of  spring water in a middle of the ocean. Venus has 2 faces, but shows only one at once. As Aphrodite she gave the reason for the greatest love & war of half-world - Troy, hovewer her reasons added many others - all heroes desire great love and ready to fight for it.  

     Before that Venus comes to his friends to gift them with a tree of Cacao -  for chocolate specially  here is my big-big thanks! And below - evening dance on a Vistemonta.

Guard of invisible gate

"Guard of invisible gate to palace full of wonders"

I can't move further to South-

East and could only stare to this direction. 

South-East view

Observing South-East from South-East

           I passed the guard and found a way to move. The World is Blue.

Blue World

Bluest in town

The time has come. The source of Venus Light alive again!

Dance in Venus Light

Dance in Venus light
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