4K Ultra HD Premium OLED Quantum Dot Super Hi-Vision Gallery

What's a great news! - my little bro no little anymore - he bought himself 4K Ultra HD-super Hi-Res  or HDTV, became big and confessed - its no too much to watch enjoying its high quality "Its for a while, we only need to wait couple of years" - was the news. Not so long - Rony coming to help with quick convergention recipees. So here is our VIP-collection of Summer light'n Fire stories for the today's best screens: 4K, Ultra HD, 8K, OLED, Quantum-dotted bigfels, SUHD and others.

"How to know, is it for me?!"

- advises from my little Bri-OSamsung KS9500 & KS7000, LG OLED E6 & OLED B6,  Sony KD-75XD9405, range of Panasonic DX802, DX902 & DX 750, Philips 65PUS7601, Sony XD9305

To get the access to gallery choose your currency & price = in a good traditions its made with no any calculations:

1440 TWD - All the pictures of the gallery - look or download (option via secret password) - very limited offer, due to BlueBird's good mood - she's not singing! Yes, its for all-thousand four hundreds  and something Taiwanese Dollars (Taiwanese dollars! Taiwanese dollars!)- in honor of Lee dog's cat's cosyhosthouse and her 1440 WIT-guests . Will be given only to 1440 people, and not even couple more. With rare exception to other corner.

777JPY - "better not to miss the opportunity" - was the wisdom of soldier, who traded all 3 of his swords to good portion of wisdom. So this 777JPY offer will allow you download 1 (-One-) double-packed scene, not included in collection, being part of it. "Limited 七百七十七 number of downloads  - to feel you & me different and special than we ourselves and others at any other time.3-d option exist now, but not completed to be presented:  partially in heaven, some in my mind, monitor lizard neighbour's saliva and bird droppings, its will appears soon. Ibe Liebe bubbaba

Instructions for print orders & requests

For prints order - 

press "share" button on selected picture to copy and paste us the link,

add desired size, material and delivery info. 


  • Celestial Moontime
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Paintings in the interior

  • Paintings in the interior

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