Whole sum in US-greenery of all-of-the-few presented paintings exceed 1,000,000,000 - One Billion $ - from the (random color-art-pick) of Paul Gogen  300,000,00- $ to the "cheapest" among listed - silent "Skrik" of Eddie Munch for +120 mln US-$. 

But you ask - "Who is a Winner, an Absolute-Super-Paid-Pro, the most-priced and expensive artist-painter of ALL THE TIMES? Our Glorious Top-Art-Jury give a #1 All-Times Prize to the One!!! He who is good mate of Alexander the Great,

who's got 100 talents of Pure Gold,

What is more than 1 WHOLE TONNE of this precious metal, for his "Venus Anadyomene" - famous artwork which noone saw just me.

To whom - compare - for his own portraite Alex  paid to Apelles full 20 talents in gold.

- Apelles, Man of this gallery

 Selected snapshots from the Heroes shown was bio posted here at random page of Island Club, some info you can look and even read on Kalos Art News, other what still missed - fill in comment amigos! You know - we're in Rudraksha long-aspicious-research, join!

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