PhotostaY - accommodation for photographers, from photographers

    Way to imagine our own area for traveling: PhotoStay with most of nature colors, without any of disturbing stuff, which is for me the extra, useless, techno gifts of "civilization".

Wanna spend a time with fun - look right by both of eyes, because here - all about business. Looking sround — why its perfect for PhotoStay — I want to give myself idea about the next places to submit:  

— No electric lights at nighttime in all the worlds within quite nearby - due to the Gift of Life - dedicated Pros, which comes to cut it off one day (yes, we have electric at only-house - even fridge & air-con, but when we talk about lights we advice live fire, oil & wax candles and spirit & gas);

- Perfect location and visibility (its clean air here all the time) — faced east to the sea -for watching Sunrise, Moon-rise, rise of Stars... Remote Mountains view on a west. Note: "Its night. At the Beach I'm alone, climbing to the beach tree - overcoming mental limitation by playing with gravity level."

— various different plants — flowers, big trees, fruit trees inc.wild mango & mangusteens, lianas, lotuses, tiger orchids, etc.

- various areas —beachfront  pool coolest-space under 2 heart-shaped trees, ruins of 2 beach restaurants, grand conference hall, rows of houses and bungalows, empty fields and jungles next to complex, caws and bulls pastures...

Maybe-Yo - Be_Completed, mabye - complicated! Your world - you choose. So choose right!

Let's work for Free - I paid already,

     for the both of us, Miledy

   Record low-costed brightest star-t-ed-up to Live - less than 1,25$ for the very first year of Tea Travel Club, Ispiring ICU and Tree Owners CLub and etc, but this sum was for each of them = with all the extras, growth and harvest, fame and shame.Promotional efforts were made fully by inertia:

- wrote honestly-too-beautiful the post on digital storytelling website about the subject. Then my account there was deleted by some of the envy robots - G said its wasn't she, I don't believe and made a look "I'm not hearing you". Now I going to continue my digital storytelling here.

- power it withKalos Art ads on English and Russian. For that I paid to be "premier". My mind was changed completely right after the button-pushing (there are the reasons ? ! ?

- PhotoStay and other very special for us - Owners & Founders -  galleries nearby  from our PhotoGuests - among them are the most crazy creatures in Galaxy ("Extraterrestrial Light News", 108/27-4559).

- blog it on PhanganBiz, Tree Owners Club and Kalos World Art News - and somewhere else, where I have a chance to do it, with adding more photos here below.

 *Be Fine good-stated reader mine. If its impossible - then choose just Be!

Sunrise in April

Sunrise in April

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