Buddha Tathagata - 4Divinity! Fire plays here with Moon & Starlight, King of Trees & Pyramids, Microcos-Lampos, remixed HR-Art gallery = {+n*^^^}

Anatta Lakkhana sutta

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Names of Lord Buddha vol 3

Lord of all Dharma, the Ruler, Monarch of All Worlds, the Sovereign, Lord of all wisdom, the wise, the destroyer of the pride of all disputers, the omniscient, the Arhat, Possessor of Perfect Knowledge, the Great Buddha, Lord of Saints, The Victorious, the Perfect Buddha

Lord of all Dharmathe RulerMonarch of All Worldsthe SovereignLord of all wisdomthe wisethe destroyer of the pride of all disputersthe omniscientthe ArhatPossessor of Perfect Knowledgethe Great BuddhaLord of SaintsThe Victoriousthe Perfect Buddha